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kind of Abigail, and—-” said Denny. “‘Twasn’t

Abigail that made the eggs,” said Baby, “’twas the hens zat laid them.

Denny should say the _hens_ was werry kind.” “Oh bother,” said Denny, “I wish you’d not interrupt me.

I don’t care who it was. I only want to say it’s very stupid of Fritz not to eat his egg, when _somebody_ made them for us,

extra you know, because we’re going away, and I think Fritz is very stupid.” “Come, Herr Fritz,” said

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Please Read: Buckle Price Increase Sept 25

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

I am writing to you about a very difficult issue. Business has not been very good for most of us these past few years and the rising costs of raw materials have been especially crushing to Mobtown.  Over the last seven years the cost of metal per buckle has gone from 50 cents to almost $3.50 per buckle (please see London metal exchange graph below); we tried to compensate by increasing our prices by a dollar several years ago.  We also tried switching to zinc buckles, which most of our competitors use for obvious cost reasons, but we heard from many of you that you did not want zinc buckles. Whereas most of our competitors have moved their production to Mexico or China, we have always prided ourselves on our dedication to manufacturing products here in the USA.  The proliferation of Chinese knock-off buckle companies kept our prices artificially low for the past three years but thankfu lly, most of those companies have now gone out of business.

Today, in order to stay in business and continue our legacy of “Made in the USA” pewter buckles we must raise the price on all our buckles by $1.00, effective September 25th.

I know I am famous for extending sales but there will be no extensions on this deadline.  In the future, I will offer sales on other products but the top discount for a buckle will never exceed $1.00 off.  Many of you are familiar with my retail store The Alley and know that as a retailer I would not be happy with this news but I have no other choice if I wish to keep jobs here in the USA. Without this price increase we would have to suspend the production of buckles which would probably mean the closing of Mobtown.

The good news is that we have had a very good run on our new cameo products and will be introducing over 100 new products over the next three weeks, including some exciting new steampunk, vintage, and erotica lines.  We will not be raising the prices on these or any other product lines because they do not have the weight and metal issues in proportion to their prices as buckles do.

We hope you can respect our need to raise prices and will continue

to be our customer.

Many of you have been with us through our various incarnations over the past thirty years, from Midwest Casting/Liberty Trading, to Fashion Victim, and now, of course, Mobtown.  I thank you for your years of support and patronage and hope that in the near future we will all see a return to “business as usual.”

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or wishes for new products, please feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail address

Thank You & Best Regards,

Mark Thomas, Owner


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Your craigslist posting “2007 SEAT IBIZA 1.4 TDI”

Confirmation for Posting ID# 1545330349

Your ad, titled “2007 SEAT IBIZA 1.4 TDI” has been posted as follows:

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http s://

For your protection please check our list of common scams.

Thanks for using craigslist!

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notes from last week

Roslyn Chase []

Attached are notes from last week. Let me know if there are any errors or major omissions. Thanks.

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